Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making of Passports

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I did my Part-1 Course in May 2010; since then my life never turned back. I have experienced his infinite grace and omnipresence through so many of miraculous tales of my life. One of such tale is of making of passports of both of my sons and me.
In a very short while, i had to move out of India. I already had my passport, valid till 2019. Only, I had to get passports for both of my sons. When I was filling the application forms, I found that things were not that simple; as they seemed to be. In my passport, ‘nickname’ of my husband was mentioned; whereas birth certificates of my children had his original name recorded.

Time was falling short, process was long and tedious and above all; my husband was in no mood to support. First, I had to make changes with my own passport. I took appointment of 29th January 2013 for all three of us and went to Sahibabad, Delhi. For this was not much; my lawyer missed an important document and appointments were cancelled. Taking another appointment meant waiting for another month.
3rd February 2013, Guruji came to Delhi for grand launching of ‘Volunteer for better India’. I made my mind to attend the program. I met him and prayed for sorting the issues. Next day I went straight to the passport office without any appointment. Security Guards denied my entry without any appointment. I requested them to just let me talk to the concerned officer. Fortunately, he did let me go inside and concerned officer also accepted my plea. My file was made right in the time. I could feel the divine presence of my MASTER.
13th March 2013, I was in Bangalore Ashram for Shakti Kriya with GuruJi; when I surprisingly got my passport. Then after I was able to make the passports for both my sons in time; even when my husband refused to go for sign verification at the time of enquiry.
With His divine grace, I shall be soon flying to my new destination place... so as to serve my MASTER better.
Thank You Guruji for being and illuminating in this life with utter sense of gratefulness.

Jai Gurudev!

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