Thursday, July 4, 2013

Believe in Miracles but Never Depend on Them

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My father-in-law, a 4th generation physician and a devotee of medical science, found himself choking on food one fine day. With unbearable pain he had taken a shot of painkiller and at the age of 70 he drove himself to Surat from Billimora town for investigations. I had returned home after my Guru Puja Phase 1 few days ago. There was only one medical possibility for 100% intestinal blockage which was a cancerous obstruction. I sat in the waiting room as daddy was wheeled in for scan. I was fearful yet confident that we couldn't lose him yet. I spontaneously closed my eyes and started chanting the Guru Puja Mantra. As I was chanting, halfway through, I felt a strong breeze moving across the room filling it with the smell of fresh rose petals. I am a doctor myself and I know the sterile smell of hospitals doesn't turn into smell of perfumes. That instant I knew He had walked in to save us from what science couldn't explain. As expected due to 100% intestinal block we couldn't know the cause and had to blindly go into surgery. All, except me, were fearful that it would be cancer and daddy went into a spree of goodbyes to all. I went into the OT for surgery as I wanted to witness the miracle, I knew was awaiting on operating the abdomen. Lo and behold! No cancer! To a shocked team of surgeons waiting to remove a bulk out, it was also a miracle. All they found was a tight knot that caused full blockage of intestine by umbilical cord that, my father-in-law was carrying till the age of 70. All it needed was a snip. With a snap of grace and a whiff of rose my father-in-law didn't just get the gift of healthy life but also a gift of faith! It was hearty tale to talk about among medical groups. He is still surprised but this wasn’t the only miracle I had witnessed in the eight years of being with my master :) Sri Sri, my lord my saviour!

Jai Gurudev!

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