Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Divine Intervention

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Guruji, my wonderful Guruji, only you could have done this. I prayed to you with all my heart and you responded with all yours. I don't know what good I have done to receive your grace but I'm glad for whatever it is. This particular experience of mine has only strengthened my faith in you.
Well, our car, a Toyota Innova, was stolen on 12th May, 2013. It was devastating news, as it was our dream car which we 
bought just two months back with our hard earned money. I was instantly reminded of the Instant Blessing Seva and I smsed for your divine intervention in this hard time immediately. 

I sent the first message on 23rd May and on 24th we received the news that the thieves involved from Guwahati had been nabbed. My husband who is a simple business man, but sharp and courageous, was involved in the operation along with the crime branch from the first instance.

This was the first stage when the police caught the thieves here in Guwahati. But then things did not move much here and I became disheartened, almost gave up, and even expressed my resentment in front of Guruji’s pictures adorning my walls. But being the ever adoring father that you are, you did not forsake me even in that hour of despair. By the last week of May, we had almost given up hope as we did not have any inkling as to what next. Instead of asking for the car in my prayers I began asking for strength to bear the loss and tide over the financial disaster that was staring us in the face. I even shed tears of anger and yes I know, you understand.

However, whenever I looked at your smile, I felt hopeful within. It always seem to be saying, “If I'm smiling, how can you be crying? It will all be fine.” My husband was in total despair. Whenever he faces problems, and believe me, we’ve have had our share of them, he bottles up and there is this wall which I cannot pervade. It makes it tough for me. We have a seven year old daughter who depends on our love and attention. I coulnot show that defeated face to her and had to act strong.

Somehow, gathering a little courage, I tried to speak to my husband about travelling to Manipur where the car was supposed to have been taken, to personally see this thing to its end. Surprisingly, he agreed and on 2nd June, he flew down to Manipur with 3 police officials. There wasn’t much hope that we would get the car back but the police over there was very co-operative. On the morning of 3rd June, after sending my daughter to school, I opened the ART OF LIVING site and sought blessings from Guruji and even dropped my botheration there. Yes, a lot of doubts laced my write-up. I wasn't sure and yet there was that instinct that kept on pushing me. I guess you could call it 'traces of faith'.

At night I called up my husband to know the latest update. Deep inside, I was hopeless waiting for a miracle to happen. Somehow I was expecting him to say the right things. To my utter shock, I was told that the car has been traced to some local influential official and that was not very great news. It again made things look bad as we were anything but influential and I would only be another task to get the car back from a top notch official like him. We were told that the number plate had been changed and the engine and chassis number had been erased. What more, even the colour of the car had been changed! Just as I was speaking to my husband, he told me that he had a call waiting from the district SP. Somehow the next few minutes my heart became very light and of course I had a vision of the smiling form again. Five minutes later, my husband calls me to say that "I'm driving the car. They have brought it to the Hotel. The Manipur police have done a wonderful job!!" This was a miracle!! We were elated! I could only blurt out, "Don't forget to say a word of gratitude to Guruji."

Yes, we have got the car back and all I ask for now is that my husband should get back home from Manipur safe and sound. No I don't doubt it anymore. I can't stop smiling and my eyes keep on welling up by themselves since then. It’s like there is so much to receive and so much to give as well.

Gratitude is all what I feel for you, Guruji. I have never met you. I'm in no way linked to Art of Living. I've never done any course. I know the opportunity will come soon. I have seen you only once when you had come to Guwahati. And that is another Guru story in itself, how I reached close to the stage, from my allotted seat in the Galleries of the Nehru Stadium. (No I did not jump barricades, nor bribe anyone to do so) Yet in all moments of despair, whether big or small, I’ve been inspired and strengthened by your thoughts and your smile. I honour all that you do and how you connect in this way with those who seek you, though it’s all beyond my understanding. But Guruji, it gives us hope to meet our challenges and immense confidence that things will be fine.
Of course, I need to thank all our dear and respected ART OF LIVING Blessers who help us remain calm in adversity. Lots of prayers for all of you and may we continue to receive the divine showers. Also a lot many of our relatives and friends have been with us intensely all throughout this nightmare and may Guruji's grace touch all their lives. Lots of prayers for all of you out there.

Jai Gurudev!
Sangeeta Bhattacharjee

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