Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stationary delivered at doorstep

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I was responsible for the proper functioning of credit card machines during Guruji's recent visit to Calgary. During one of the courses, I was informed that we were almost running out of paper rolls for those machines. It was friday afternoon and the company was unable to ship the rolls to us at such a short notice. So my wife Urvashi and I looked in all kinds of stationary and electronic stores, including staples, but without success. Finally a lady at Wall Mart suggested us to try at a nearby dollar store. Subconsciously, I did not expect dollar stores to carry an item which was not available at Staples but we still went and asked the cashier at the dollar store if they carried the paper rolls for those wireless machines. First she said no and suggested us to try a stationary store. When we were about to leave, she called us and said, 'Why don't you speak to this gentleman here who supplies the rolls for our store's machines'. I was astonished and taken aback! We then talked to the gentleman and though he did not have those kind of rolls with him at that time, he agreed to deliver them to us. As promised, the man delivered 100 rolls of paper at our doorstep. My Guru had intervened and as usual a miracle had happened. Something that even the biggest stores did not carry, got delivered to us. We are grateful to our Guru for his grace through which he keeps reminding us that he is always with us.

Jai Gurudev!

Urvashi and Simrat

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