Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mobile bill charges got waived off

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I want to share my experience with you all. I had received a huge amount of bill from my telecom co for GPRS usage. I was shocked because they really charged me double or triple rate for per kb usage which mounted up to huge amount. I was very upset as they never informed me about activating the GPRS service and any other details regarding GPRS usage. They suddenly sent me a message that I have crossed the credit limits and so my service was stopped. I was not able to receive or make any calls. They never even mentioned me anything about the credit limit before and straight away sent me a huge amount. I contacted the local customer care centre, but they said they will not be able to help me. I found out from the internet that this company had cheated many customers before in the same manner. I was also told by my friend that I will have to atleast spend a whole day in the main branch to get things sorted out since the office is always overcrowded.

After prolonging the issue for a long time i finally decided to approach the main branch to get things sorted out. I knew that i will have to fight it out as they will not agree very easily. After the blessing camp i took blessings from all the blessers and went to the main branch. To my surprise, there was not much rush and my number came within one hour. I approached the customer care executive and explained him everything very calmly (after taking the blessings i was feeling very calm and did not feel like speaking harsh/tough). He listened to me carefully and without even arguing agreed to waive off all my charges. He sorted out my problem immediately and number was restored within one hour. I was very surprised as i thought i would have to argue and fight it out. I would just say that this was all made very simple only because of the blessings of Guruji and i feel proud to be an instrument of his blessings.


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