Sunday, June 16, 2013

Guru Pooja Day

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I have a guru story to share with the entire AOL family. I keep wondering, whenever I get a chance to read astonishing experiences of other people, how guruji embraces his kripa on all of us. Similar incident happened with me. From the last few months, I listen to Guru Puja on the third thursday of the month right in the morning when I start my day for office. I wait for this day as thursday is the satsang day as well. Normally I go to office by driving my car and hence there is no issues in starting my day with the ever lively Guru Puja being played in my car. But this time on the third thursday of the month, I as a matter of chance had to travel by metro. Right from the time when I woke up in the morning, I was thinking that how I will listen to guru puja. I knew my earphones were not working and I didnt had the gurupuja in my laptop as well. I was just standing on the platform and waiting for metro, and suddenly a thought came in my mind and I just murmured - "Guruji, please mere earphone thik kar do (make my earphones start working), I have to listen my guru puja - its third thursday and I am on my way to office". Guess what, I didn't even inserted the entire nob of the earphone in my ear yet - and it started working !!! I was taken aback by the fact that the earphones which were not working from the last few months started working suddenly this morning. I know it was beacuse of the kripa (grace) of our beloved Guruji who takes care of all of us in such a manner we cannot even think of. Thank you Guruji for being in our life and I just pray that our faith in you and your kripa keeps on showering on all of us and we keep on blossoming the way we are now !!!!!

Jai Gurudev!

Sumit Goenka

Delhi, India

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