Thursday, June 27, 2013

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In 2007, I went to Bangalore ashram to present my marriage invitation to dearest Gurudev. However, I was disheartened as Guruji was on a world trip and there was no way I could meet him. Heartbroken, I stood near Guruji’s photo and prayed for his blessings, left the invitation near the photo and left the ashram.
A week before my marriage, while I and my fiancee were shopping for the wedding in town, both of us received a text message from our AOL teacher, that Guruji is on a short surprise visit to Chennai and will be attending a satsang in about ½ an hour at a venue in Thiruvanmiyur. We were elated and surprisingly we were just a few minutes drive from that venue! Not wanting to miss any chance of seeking blessings from Guruji before the wedding, we rushed to the venue and within few minutes Guruji entered the hall, where so many AOL teachers, volunteers and devotees had gathered for darshan. After a wonderful satsang, as a regular practice, Guruji called out for all those who had birthdays and anniversaries that day. In all our excitement, myself and my fiancee, Preeti stood up and said in unison, “Guruji we are getting married on the 5th December!” Guruji smiled, took a garland from around his neck and threw it as us and it flew straight into our hands. Without any delay, we bowed down in respect and wore it.
After marriage, we moved to Melbourne. Two year later, in 2009, when Guruji came to Melbourne, we were informed that he would be attending a satsang at nearby centre. In all anticipation and excitement about meeting Him again, we reached the venue. However, due to some meetings at the parliament house, Guruji could not arrive in time for the satsang that day. Everyone present there was requested to participate in the Mahasatsang that weekend at Philip Island (150 kms from my house). On 5th December 2009, in yet another attempt to follow our Master, we drove to Philip Island for the Mahasatsang, with our 4 months old baby SAATHVIK. There we met Guruji. Guruji blessed our son, gave us Prasad and blessed us on our second Wedding Anniversary!
It is amazing how he takes care of our simplest desires! A sincere prayer never goes unanswered and a devoted seeker is never left disheartened!

Jai Gurudev!


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