Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flight of Faith

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On Sunday April 28th, 2013; we were in Tennessee for the weekend and had a flight back to Bloomington at 6:05 am. Of course, things did not go smoothly. For some reason our alarm didn’t go on and when we woke up, it was already 5:27 am!!!
We all were freaked out and started rushing. We all thought we won’t be able to make it. But then I had a faint thought to try our best at least. Silently, in my mind I prayed to Guruji to please take care of this. We were out of the door in 3 minutes but it was 5:30 am and we still had to get to the airport, check in, and get the boarding passes.

At this point, we thought that there was no way we would make it to the flight. We tried to check in online, but it was too late for that. People had already started boarding the plane. We tried thinking of all the other alternatives to drive to Bloomington which will take 8-10 hours to reach. Going by flight and buying 3 tickets for two connecting flights would have cost too much; which we couldn’t afford.
When we finally got to the airport, it was 5:45am. There was a line at the check-in station to get boarding pass and an even longer one for security check. Everyone was telling us that there was no way we would be able to catch that flight. In between we kept thinking of all other alternatives as we got our boarding passes. We got to the security line and thankfully, the wonderful people in front of us did let us go first.

By now we only had 2-3 minutes for takeoff of the plane. By wait, that wasn't all. In hurry and haze; my daughter's shoes went missing with all the things at the security line. In the end, she gave up and ran with us through the airport in socks as we rushed to get into the terminal. But they had closed the door to the plane. When I was running to flight gate, agent said ‘lady, don’t run it’s too late!’

Disappointed, we were about to turn away when suddenly the door to the plane swings open. A flight attendant came out and rushed us in. We couldn't believe it!! We weren't going to miss the plane after all! As we boarded the plane, ten other flight attendants noticed that my daughter wasn't wearing shoes. As we were getting seated, still in awe that we made it to the plane, the attendant came up to my daughter and said that they could not allow passengers on the plane without shoes. That was just a bit outrageous. How were we supposed to explain what had happened. She asked me if I had extra shoes. I looked down in my bag and realized that i was holding her shoes. Wait what! Yeah, I must have grabbed them along with the other stuff. Oops :)
So my daughter was allowed to stay in the plane and we made it to Bloomington on time! My younger daughter could participate in talent show as she was Mistress of Ceremony to the program... And Elder daughter had to submit a term paper.
It was really impossible; still I cannot believe we made it. Thank you so much Guruji for grace; you have showered on us.

Jai Gurudev!

Rekha Bharani
Bloomington, Illinois, USA

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