Thursday, June 6, 2013

Everything happens for a reason

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During my second year of engineering college, I was going through a lot of tension as I wasn't able to clear one of my exams even after three attempts. There was just one more chance left that I could avail before losing one year. The exam was scheduled for 13th of May and I got to know about it a month before. I was not confident enough whether I will be able to clear the exam even this time or no as there was just one month to prepare and I had other subjects to study as well. Just two days before the exam, I wasn’t enough prepared to give the exam. But the miracle happened when a friend of mine came and told me that the exam had been postponed to 12th of June. I was very happy as I got more time to prepare for the exam and finally I could clear it.
The next year, YES+ workshop was held in our college and I decided to join it because I had seen Guruji's photo a lot many times in the past few years but had never experienced the course. My life changed completely in those days and I decided to go for the The Art of Silence Course (The Part-2 course) within a week with Rishi Nityapragyaji. During the course I came to know that Guruji's bday is on 13th of May. It was then, that I realised that everything happened to me wasn’t just a mere coincidence but rather it was because of Guruji that I cleared my exam and could save my one full year of study. With his blessings, I am a "Yuvacharya" today in The Art of Living and everyday my faith keeps growing stronger for him. I make thousands of people smile everyday and will continue to spread his knowledge over the globe and help Guruji fulfil his vision.

Jai Gurudev!

Rahul Jaiswal
Yuvacharya at The Art of Living

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