Thursday, May 16, 2013

You are heard no matter where you are

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Jai Guru Dev,

This incident happened in April 2013 when Guruji visited DC. For some time since I had moved from India to US, I had been craving for seva activities. What ever seva I did was not full filling and my heart was wanting for more and more seva.
I got an opportunity to visit Washington DC and those were the two unforgettable days of my life. Just when Guruji entered, we were only few in the center and we did aarati and put flowers on Guruji. Then I got opportunity to do cooking seva till I got exhausted. In fact I asked some other volunteers to lend me a helping hand for seva at kitchen. Singing bajans, cooking and to top it, silence course, everything was just awesome and the food was also delicious!
We were totally immersed in satsang that began in the evening with Guruji which was followed by blissful meditation. The next day a miracle happened. In the kitchen, a small room, was made as a fridge (freezer room). When I went inside this freezer room to take the curry out, I got locked. I knew even if I shout nobody can hear me. I just started tapping, calling Guruji, for he was on the second floor. A devotee who heard some sound coming from the kitchen who had no idea that it was a fridge opened the door. Guruji saved me through him!
Guruji was leaving to Atlanta the next day. I went to airport to send off Guruji (This was one of my wish to meet him at airport). There he came walking like an angel with his white robes in front of me. I just ran towards him and joined his group of devotees.
We bid him good bye. Though he is not there with us physically all the time, he is omnipresent and will know even the smallest of the small wish also. Keep doing sadhana, seva and satsang and Joy Follows ...

Jai Guru Dev,

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