Thursday, May 2, 2013

Magical flower

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I am Soumendranath Das from Khanakul Hooghly. I belong to a middle class family. My father is a grocer, he has a small shop. And our village is also small. My age is 23. I had lost my mother when I was in Class ix.
I am going to tell you a unforgettable miracle which had occurred few months back. In 2010 I was doing seva at Sri Sri Gnan mandir as a English teacher. At that time I gave a competitive exam for the post of High School Clerkship. The format of the exam was: 1) Preliminary exam 2) Main exam 3)Computer test 4) Viva test.
I passed the first two exams. And another two to go. Day before the viva exam I attended Guru Puja. And Just before the day of Computer Test I went to see Guruji in Kolkata. Guruji's programme started, and when He began to walk on the ramp, all devotees ran towards Him. There were almost 100 people in front of me and I was very far away from Guruji. He was throwing flower to everyone. In a certain moment I  saw a Flower was flying in air and surprisingly  touching no one, it came directly into my hands. With that Flower I gave the  Computer & Viva test. After few months in 2012 when  result was declared  in Internet I was shocked to see my name Empaneled in the list. Now I  am doing job at High School. I knew it was Guruji's Blessings. I would have never got into any Govt. Service without His Blessings.
Now in school I am encouraging every students and teachers to join Art Of Living  courses.


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