Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lost, only to realize!

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I did my first Sudarshan Kriya almost 2 years ago. There is no looking back since then. Though a great fan of Kriya, I often used to discontinue doing it. Every time I started afresh, I made a sankalpa, not to discontinue Kriya and it never worked out. Ultimately I would end up guilty and depressed.

A week ago, me and my friend were at the Office of Deputy Commissioner regarding an event for "Volunteer for a Better India". From there we went to an Internet shop to print some important documents. As we were working on it, I realized that my file folder that contained documents signed by the DC was missing from my side! Keeping calm, we searched the entire shop thrice, went back to the DC Office in search of it and returned empty handed and hopeless to the shop. I explained to the shopkeeper how important the file was. I gave him my contact number and asked him to call if he found my file.
On my way back, I was praying to Guruji that I get my file back. Finally I said, "Guruji, I promise, I will do Kriya daily. Please find the file for me". Immediately my phone rang & it was the shopkeeper! He had found my file. Me & my friend rushed to the shop.
On reaching there, we got to know that a customer had taken it by mistake. The shopkeeper added that he never saw that customer before and that he didn't know where that person came from. We thanked him and smiled, as my friend said "We know from where he came and why".
I just realized that Guruji takes care of the minutest things. One of his millions of devotees practicing Kriya routinely is also given importance! A knowledge point just popped in my head 'promising to a loved one is also a solution to quit bad habits'. For me, it was the other way round, through this promise of mine, I had realized who my Dearest was!

Sowmya Kuruvatti

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