Sunday, May 26, 2013

I got Guruji when I needed him the most

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I experience the Guru Miracle almost everyday. Whenever I have any problem, however small, I send a note to HIM and HE takes care of it. The problem gets sorted out.  
My life changed after I did my Basic Course in 2001. I was suffering both mentally and physically at that time. I was living on a cocktail of medicines to overcome allergies and insomnia. It was then that my husband told me to try this course that was happening near my place. He thought it would be something new and would divert my mind from my sorry state. He did not really have any idea as to what it was all about but had positive vibes about it.
I was initially skeptical about Art of Living and thought that it was just another cult for the rich. Because of my inflated ego and resistance to change, I found the first two days of the course very difficult. I could not digest the the fact that someone was actually telling me how I should live my life. I refused to go back to the course after the second day. My husband cajoled me to complete it saying that something good might come out of it. On the third day, we were taught Sudarshan Kriya. And that changed everything for me. I was stunned into silence from within. 
The process of healing took a long time. As I began to do my practices regularly, I could actually feel the process of physical detoxification happening. Slowly my allergies began to subside. ENT problem which was very severe started to heal. My medicines were reduced and then there was no need for them.
Initially my healing was only at a physical level, later it touched my mind and soul. In the beginning I found it difficult to accept Sri Sri as my guru, given my strong skepticism of anything 'spiritual'. But as time passed, Guruji entered my psyche as an omnipresent mentor, guide, parent, confidante and eventually a friend. I actually talk to him, fight him, beseech him, be grateful to him just as a friend would. 
As I began to heal physically, my energy level began to rise and I did far better at work and home as never before. I realised the importance of making time for oneself and enhancing ones potential. My negative attitude towards life and people turned positive and I began to enjoy life with all its good and bad aspects. My 'problems' may not have disappeared but they did not seem like problems due to a change in my attitude towards them.
I treasure Guruji's basic principles of living in the present moment (most difficult to follow) and accept people as they are (even more difficult). I have tried to follow these simple sounding, but extremely powerful teachings and that has made a difference.
I got Guruji when I needed him the most in my life which itself is the biggest miracle.

Sonali Chatterjee

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