Sunday, May 5, 2013

His Grace

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Jai guru dev,
I feel absolutely special to be on this beautiful path of Art of Living and Guruji.
My special day happened on 28 August 2012 when Guruji was on his visit to South Africa for the TRM (Teachers Refresher Meet). I flew to Cape town from Zimbabwe on 28 August as i wanted to experience being in the space of the Divine not realising i was going to receive more than just the space.
Upon arriving in Cape town i reached the Hotel where a friend of mine had booked not realising it was the same Hotel as where Guruji was staying. I checked in and as i approached the lift to go to my room on the 6th floor my closest friend Bhamini and my most favorite DSN teacher called to say please come to the 5th floor, we want to meet you. With so much of excitement to meet them i made my way to the 5th floor. There was pin drop silence as i walked down the corridor heading towards their room. As i approached the door.... who do i see???? My DSN Teacher ... My eyes filled with tears of joy ... He immediately asked me for my business card and asked me to take off the shoes. I looked at him in astonishment wondering why is he asking me to do this.  He disappeared for a few minutes. My heart was throbbing. He came back and said come with me, I am taking you to meet Guruji. I was in shock. In fact i resisted to say how can i go, I am dressed in jeans??? He took me to the room in which Guruji was seated on this Huge sofa covered in white sheets. For a minute I felt i was seeing Lord Shiva. My heart was in my throat. Tears were rolling down from my eyes like an open water tap. I bowed down to His Grace and received a blessing. For atleast a minute i was tongue twisted and could not utter any words. Tears of Gratitude just flowed and flowed until Guruji looked at my business card and said ""Haaaa Varsha you've come from Zimbabwe""? I finally gathered my emotions and answered. He then offered me a tissue to wipe my tears and offered me some fresh Strawberries !
For me this was a blessing to meet the Grace !
I believe it was meant to be. Thank You Guruji

Varsha patel

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