Thursday, May 23, 2013

He takes care of every little wish

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Jai Guru Dev,

I did my first course, basic part-1 course in 2010, during my 2nd semester exams of engineering. My mother forced me to do this. I was not for it at all. I dont know what was it, I only followed the 5 Sutras. I continued with the follow ups for a while but then everything just stopped. Then in 2012 my mother did the Part-1 course and she took me to the follow up. For me it was like doing kriya after 2 years. There somebody told me about YES+! and I registered myself for the same. I met Guruji within a month of doing the course. Since then I have been doing kriya daily and i also repeated the course.
There has been many ups and downs going but Guruji was always there for help. There are many miracles that has happened with my and my family, all by his grace.
My family was going through a very rough phase, there was no way out. Getting things back to normal seemed like an impossible task. Yet, Guruji resolved everything and today we are all together again. 
I am in last year of engineering and want to do MBA. A week before my entrance exam, i was diagnosed with severe fever. I could not even  sit and study. The whole week i did not study at all. Yet i scored 98%. Thanks to Guruji!! Then I had a GD/PI (Group Discussion - Personal Interview) and today only I got a call for admission. I have no idea how everything happened but yes he takes care of every little wish/dream/desire that one has.
There have been many incidents where i could not have done anything yet Guruji helped me in all.
For me Guruji is no less than God.
Truly Guruji, you rock!!!
Love you Guruji:)
Thank you,
Jai Guru Dev

Aayushi Gupta

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