Thursday, May 9, 2013

HE loves us unconditionally

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It was 23rd April 2012 when I was going from Rewari  to Yamuna nagar along with my father who is an Art of Living Teacher, for attending Rishi NityaPragya ji’s satsang, When we were just about to reach Yamuna nagar we met with an accident. My father was driving the car. What happened was that the road condition was not so good, hence the speed limit was very slow. Suddenly a tractor stopped while driving besides our car and it collided. The person driving tractor didn’t even bother to look at us and he continued driving. Nothing happened to the tractor but the car got fully damaged from front. Due to the jerk, I fell down on the floor of the car as I was sleeping on the back seat.  Nothing happened to both of us. I cried a lot because I never had experienced such a situation in my life and my father continued smiling and he said thank you Gurudev for saving us. 
The best part was that even when the car was destructed completely, it continued working. I told my father to get down and check whether everything was ok. He said it is not the right time because there was no street light on the roads and it was complete dark. I saw continuous smiling of my father’s face and awareness, inspite of what had happened. Interesting thing was just 15 minutes before the accident my father started chanting Om Namah Shivaya. I don’t know how come. We kept going, and I kept blaming guruji that if we wouldn’t had come to yamuna nagar this could have been avoided. I blamed Guruji: ‘It’s all because of you that we are in this situation.’  And my father smiled and said look at the condition of car, although it’s complelety damaged, it’s still working. This is all because of guruji’s blessings. I said ‘No. Because of him we have suffered.’ Then suddenly the car stopped near a private toll plaza, where there were lights. I said very good guruji now what else are you going to do with us. Then the owner of toll plaza came out, he asked what happened to us, we explained everything to him. It was about 11 0’clock in the night when all this was happening. 
Then other 3-4 boys came (fully drunk). They said don’t worry we will help you to reach your destination. The owner of the toll plaza was also drunk, I told my father to get out of here immediately. But he said that Guruji is with us and he has saved us from a big accident, you do not worry nothing will happen to us. There were some workers cutting some woods near that toll plaza, they too came. There were around 15 boys and just near that place, some gents were having beer party and they were dancing. I was shivering literally in that situation. And I was captured by negative thoughts and I was damn sure that today something bad is going to happen to me. And my father said guruji is there don’t worry. 
The toll plaza owner offered tea to us, I told my father not to drink as they could have mixed something in it. Meanwhile, my father called up Art of living Apex member of Haryana who lives in yamuna nagar. For 30 minutes, we were at that site. And I tell u nothing bad happened to us. It is all because of my guruji. Then many Art of Living family members from Yamuna nagar came and we went from there. I couldn’t sleep properly that night. I was not able to come out of that trauma. Then guruji came into my dreams. He said what happened. I said thank you guruji for saving me and I am sorry for doubting you. He said I am with you always. Then I slept keeping my head in his lap. And I slept properly, the next morning it seemed nothing had happened and I saw my father has already left for conducting Art of Living session.  
I tell you if I didn’t have guruji in my life I would not have been saved. It’s all because of him that I am living.  He has given me new birth. I owe my complete life to my god.
Love you guruji.
Urvashi Bhardwaj

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