Thursday, April 18, 2013

why fear when I am with you?

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Jai Guru Dev,

I did my Art of Living Course in 1996. I was a student at that time. After completing the course I felt so much shraddha, faith on Guruji & my only desire was Guruji's seva. But being a village girl my family did not allow me, and I don't know what happened to me I lost my faith & devotion on Guruji. For so many years I could not meet Guruji, also my all feelings vanished. Now from the past 6 months I got my feelings for Gurudev has blossomed again! I prayed to him please save my devotion & faith. And last week one miracle happened. Some one had fooled and tricked me into buying a policy (it was my three year's saving). I got to know the reality when I got the policy in my hand and I was so much tensed, since the time limit/deadline to make any changes was over. Suddenly, the same day one Guruji's pic came to my facebook account and on that it had a message: "why fear when I am with you?". And after that I made a complaint with the bank and left everything on Gurudev. From inside, feeling very relaxed that Guruji is with me, and nothing wrong will happen. And yesterday I got a letter from the bank that your whole money will be refunded to you without any deduction! 
Thanks Guruji please be with me always and take care my devotion and faith. Lots of love
manju singh

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