Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sri Sri In Mumbai

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A month back, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankarji, lovingly called as Guruji was in Mumbai city.  22-25th February 2013, were the auspicious days. Recalling those days, brings back and refreshes all the sweet memories and moments soaked up with Guruji. Every day in morning there was Knowledge session ‘Gyan Ganga’ and in evening ‘Meditation & MahaSatsang’ organized in different parts of the city. The whole of Mumbai was refined with presence of Gurudev, Dhyaan Gyan aur Gaan. 
Preparations and seva started way month back from January itself. Everywhere there were posters and publishing on social media for Guruji coming.  Every poster I saw, an inch of pride grew in me for My Strong Guru :) and for being part of AOL. This news was outspread to every door, gulli (street), public transports, highways and everywhere. To seek darshan and blessings of the master, there were thousands of people gathered throughout every event. Everywhere he went in Mumbai, his lovers were following him. With full of kindness, generosity, Love, he gave darshan to all the devotees. 
On 1st day, while I was travelling to Navi Mumbai MahaSatsang, a passenger sooner became friend and was sharing with me his amazement seeing the volunteers doing cleanup at railway station, things about Art of Living and the vision of Guruji for a Better India. He was happy for someone is there to look, actually work and concern about the nation. This thing brought so much humility in me, that I impelled him along with me for the satsang which was very much obvious to be awesome at end. Those four days travelling for events and following Guruji, many such gratifying incidents and Guru Stories were experienced. At every satsang, He used to make people take a vow, to start chanting a beautiful mantra every time before having food “Annadatta Sukhi Bhavva” which says, Blessings to the Farmer, Businessmen and the Lady, who in kitchen makes the food. Further, Official launch of Volunteer for Better India - Maharashtra (VBI) ceremony was done. There was call from Guruji, to all teachers, volunteers and the Deshbhakts (patriots) of VBI to completely eradicate alcohol, the major root cause of all evils. Pledge to give 1 hour to nation was taken by thousands of people who have already started dreaming and working for better India. 
Those four days were spiritually amazing. If every day would have been like that, heaven was really not far away then. Being in company of Guru in physical form is something very fortunate. Sitting with Guruji, Listening to him, meditating with him, singing and dancing with full joy was rejoiced by me along with thousands of Mumbaikars. With all his natkhatpan and immense love for each and everybody, he steals millions of hearts. It’s bliss to be all around him. Everyone was blessed with his grace.  Guruji leaves behind a never ending longing for him.
I miss you Guruji, Mumbai miss you.
Jai Gurudev.
Sanchit Goel.

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