Sunday, April 7, 2013

Once guru enters your life he will take care of you no matter what.

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My name is Shalini Agrawal and I am a devotee of Gurudev since 2007 when my friend Usha introduced me to at of Living Part 1 course that changed my life. I could actually feel Guruji's eyes watching me and telling, "Do not worry, I will watch over you."

My teachers have taken care of me and my family unconditionally since then. They said if you believe in miracles it will happen.They always said raise you 'Sattva'. Do not worry about your family constantly. I have seen many miracles after 2007. Although I have only seen Guruji once and needless to say that was divine. Seeing him that once also was a miracle.

Recently I was going through a very tough time in my household. I could not feel my head and neck. It was really stiff and hurting constantly. I started to cry on the phone when my teacher called. "I said what should I do, I can't move my head and it hurts constantly."She said go clean the center they are all meeting tonight. I left right away. As soon as I stepped into the center, I could not believe it my headache was totally gone. While cleaning the center with other people I kept feeling better and better and in the end I was smiling and laughing and being fed a lovely dinner!(that was my second dinner for that night). We the cleaning crew now have gotten so close as if we have know each other for ages! That is the power of guruji and my teacher's unconditonal love and care. It is very important to have faith in adversity. Once guru enters your life he will take care of you no matter what. I feel blessed and hope to share my happiness and postivity to others!!!!

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