Sunday, April 14, 2013

He is there for us

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Jai Gurudev.
I am a resident of Mumbai and has been part of Art of Living family since 2006. After doing the Part 1 course, I did Advanced course and also met Gurudev and my life has completely changed. There have been many miracles along the way – some known, some unknown, I feel Gurudev’s grace has been on me throughout.

I am sharing a recent miracle with all of you:
We are expecting our 2nd child in April this year and my wife is at my parents place in Jabalpur. In around Feb, there were a lot of disturbances that we faced  - burglary at house, my sister facing problems at work, etc. Time was really not going good for us. Then, in middle Feb, my wife went for a routine check up and was diagnosed with a grave gynaec complication – the doctors said that now there is 50-50 chance of baby’s survival. When my mother in law broke this news to me over the phone, I was completely shocked and prepared to leave by the first flight to Jabalpur.

I was stressed and completely exhausted. As I packed up my bags, tied my shoelaces and did one final pranam to Gurudev’s photo in our drawing room, I just heard Gurudev saying to me in my mind – “Chinta kyu karte ho, main hu naa!” (why do you worry, I am there!)  – that moment was undescribable....I could just feel Gurudev speaking to me, aanko aakho mein
That moment itself, all my stress and anxiety vanished...I went to Jabalpur with a peaceful mind. As I reached the airport, my father in law who had come to receive me, told that my wife had been operated and OPERTION WENT SUCCESSFUL....
I couldn’t believe my ears....My wife’s health is now OK and we are looking forward to arrival of baby in our life...
I feel that whether we know or not, Gurudev is watching us and taking good care of us...whenever we are alone and tense, He knows our pain and is there for us.
Gurudev I am dust of your feet...thanks for everything!

A devotee (Name withheld on request)

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