Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guru principle is always surrounding us

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I am sharing one more Guru story.
This was the first time I went to meet Guruji. I was back from USA to India for some time and was bogged down with so many problems. My problems haunted my mind all the time. It was my first advanced course in Bangalore, and I was also there for Guruji's birthday celebration and meeting him. It was not too long before that I had done my basic AOL course and was new to everything. On his birthday, He met every body and it took a long time. I gave Him a letter from my side with my problems, conflicts, desires etc. He looked at me and took it from me. I could just feel his strength there. It was like a mob going round Guruji in the Yagnashala where He met around 20,000 people from 6:30 till about 1 am in the night probably.
After that day I was still in some conflict to share some of my problems with Him. I was very impatient and generally speaking I am a very impatient person. I wrote it down in a small piece of paper and thought of somehow getting it to Him. I had earlier asked one of the Ashram employees as how to give him letters personally, and he had told me that He will take any writing from anybody and I have to look for an opportunity and get it to Him. I also heard that He reads all the notes, letters, writings from everybody. Most people get their problem solved just by sharing with Him. I was waiting to do that.
One day during the Course after the Rudra Puja, Guruji came down from the Yagnashala Dias and was meeting his elephant 'Indrani'. Many people were also running, after Him, trying to get their bouquet of flowers, gifts to Him. I could not reach Him in the crowd and still ran after His car after He had boarded it. In the process I got a cut on my feet while running on the ground without my shoes and as it was a unpaved ground one stone made a deep cut in my feet. It was painful to walk. Finally I could not get my writing in the paper to Him.

Next day He again came to the Yagnashala and while He was leaving in the car I decided to make it this time. I was also getting too hyper and impatient. I stood beside the way where His car leaves the Yagnashala and people reach out to see Him or touch Him. His car came by and His window was half open and as the car was approaching me I was so happy to see that  He was sitting beside my side, with His window open. As the car came before me I reached out and He looked at me. I gave Him my paper and He immediately took out His hand from the window and took it from me. I felt relieved.

Many months later I had gone back to USA. My problems got solved and wishes materialzed. I could still feel the pain in the cut in my feet from Bangalore ashram, whenever I walked. I felt it was a reminder to be patient from my Guru. As we learn to be patient and faithful all our wishes, problems are taken care of. With over a year of practices I had learned to be more and more patient, careful and observant. My wound had healed but the love had taught me my basic problem and how to learn to be out of it. We don't need to run after Guruji. The Guru principle is always surrounding us like a cocoon does to a budding butterfly and takes care of us. Wherever we are be it India or USA His presence and blessings are with us. I am so grateful to be in such a time and life where I have found such a exceptional Guru. It is a blessed life and I feel more and more grateful as days pass by.

Jai Gurudev!

Sandipan Basu

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