Thursday, April 25, 2013

Even slightest intention of doing good attracts HIS grace

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Jai GuruDev,

This incident happened recently on our train journey. My husband and I were on a North India tour. We reached Jhansi railway station early in the morning and the plan was to go to Khajuraho from there. Only option was to go by a passenger train. So my husband bought the general ticket. But the crowd was so huge that we thought it would be impossible for us to travel by general compartment of that train. Fortunately we came to know that there was another express train, which was running late by 5 Hrs that matched our needs. There was a possibility to get sleeper or AC berths. So my husband told me that he would talk to the TTE (traveling ticket examiner) and ask him if AC tickets are available, so that we can get our tickets upgraded and give the difference in amount. 
The express train arrived and we walked towards the other end when we spotted the TTE. We asked him about the seat availability and for our relief he told there are seats and asked us to get into a 3AC compartment. We were so happy to get the seats and sat comfortably.
After some time the TTE arrived and calculated the difference amount to be paid. It came to be around Rs.800. My husband gave him a 1000 Rupees note and asked for the change. First the TTE asked how much he needs to give back. My husband promptly replied that 200. He gave a 100 Rupee note and asked, “Isn’t this correct?” implying that is enough. My husband asked for Rs. 100 more but TTE just smiled and went. Unwillingly my husband didn’t say anything.
Now, this incident started eating our head as it is like bribing. Just few days back we had attended the Volunteer for a Better India Inauguration in Bangalore and we had pledged that we would never accept bribe and would never give bribe. So I was feeling very guilty that so soon we broke it and silently asked for Guruji’s forgiveness. 
We slept for some time in the train. Train had stopped at a station just before reaching Khajuraho. At this time a miracle happened. The TTE came there and handing over a hundred rupee note to my husband he told, “There was 100 rupees more.” We were so surprised at this. Never heard of such thing happening anywhere. This is truly Guruji’s grace. He relieved us from the guilt we had. Thank you so much Guruji..:)
This is a good example that, even if we have the slightest intention of doing something good, Guruji surely helps us in such circumstances. 
Love you Guruji......

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