Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Devotee will never fall!

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This happened about 4 years back on a Sunday morning when I left for the airport to catch a flight from Vadodara to Delhi to be with my son during his exams. There was a marathon in Vadodara that morning. My husband suggested we leave early by about half an hour so that any traffic jam due to the marathon should not delay my reporting time. After about 5 mins of driving we were amidst a big traffic jam; caused by the Marathon. We took another lane as suggested by a traffic police constable. Upon reaching that road what we witnessed was a huge wave of traffic stuck till almost 50 meters with almost 100 vehicles ahead of us. My husband suggested I get down & try to see if there was any way out ahead whilst he kept trying to get in touch with the Indigo official & the Airport personnel to tele check-in me. As I walked past a few meters I learnt from another traffic police man that the road towards the airport is closed & it would take almost an hour for this traffic to move till the marathon is over.

My small mind said I have to return home but just like all of us AOLites I prayed for the big mind to win (Jai Guru Dev). I told my husband it may not be possible to catch the flight as was obvious. It was about 9.25 a.m. & my flight was departing at 9.45 a.m. The distance to Airport was 8 Kms.

After debating briefly about the remote chances of making it to the Airport on time; my husband decided to get off the car & check if a senior police official can be contacted. In the given situation there was no hope I could catch the flight.  While alone in the car; I kept praying to Guruji that somehow I want to get on that flight & took out my cell from the bag. As soon as I put it on Guruji’s AOL alert flashed on my screen & what did it say – “Worry is a product of loving something that is not eternal. A devotee will never fall. There is no chance for it.” An intense surge of faith ran across my entire being after reading it. I wanted to hold on to it, so took out a tissue & wrote the sutra on it (alerts cannot be saved in the phone). I told myself that this incident is not the eternal, this too shall pass. I accepted it fully. My husband arrived at that moment & said – it won’t be possible to reach, you will have to miss the flight.

After a couple of minutes the traffic started moving but the road to Airport was still closed. If we chose to go; we would have to take a full circle through another route which would take at least 15 minutes. It was already 9.45am. We spoke to the check-in counter girl, she said the counter was closed. However she suggested we try to reach then it can be decided whether they allow me to board. I kept praying throughout. Since the duty manager had arranged to keep my boarding pass ready; the ground staff rushed me for other check-in formalities. At 10.00am I was in the flight. I settled myself & called up my husband who was still at the airport lobby. He said, “I lost 99% hope.” I replied, “But I held 1%.”

The 1% of Jai Guru Dev is much heavier that 99% of small mind.
“A devotee will never fall. There is no chance for it.”

Jai Guru Dev!
- Preity Thomas

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