Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tirunelveli Halwa - A Story

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I was taking a bal chetana shivir (free yoga/pranayam course for children) few days back at Banglore. It was organized by a beautiful couple I met recently. As the course progressed, I shared with the children the following story of mine (which happened few years ago), on the last day of the course. 

"Once I was at the Ashram and I was rushing for lunch. Meanwhile, I saw a lady carrying lot of luggage with great difficulty. She was going towards old ashram which is a detour for me. Neverthless seeing her struggle, I helped her till her Kutir and said "Jai Guru Dev". She said wait a minute, searched through her bag and pulled out a sweet packet. She insisted I accept it. That was "Tirunelveli Halwa". She told me its a special halwa you get in Tamilnadu and she was carrying few packets for the Ashramites. And I said in my mind "Wah Guruji" and remembered what Guruji says "Seva karoge tho meva milega" {If you do sea, you will get mew (a traditional delicious indian recipe)}. That day I had a sweet tooth and craving for sweets from the morning. :-)"

So I concluded the 'bal chetana' course with this story followed by dinner with the children. As I was about to leave, the host of the course gave me a token of love for taking the course. With her permission, I opened the gift. Can you guess what it is? 

"Tirunelveli Halwa" nicely packed. The hosts had no idea I was telling this story on the last day and we are in Banglore not Tamilnadu. You think its a coincidence? :-)   Well.. 

Jai Guru Dev.


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