Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Guru Story

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Jai Gurudev!!

Ever since I have met him, my Life itself is a GURU-STORY. Yet, sharing one page out of the book of his miracles in my Life. It happened on 12th February 2013. Guruji was in TOK, Noida, (National Capital Region), India, on 11th and 12th Feb. And following my practice of going to meet HIM whenever he's in Delhi, I went to meet him with my family.

We reached there at 8:30 PM, he had just gone from the meditation hall to his room upstairs and It wasn't sure when would he meet and whether he would meet us or not.. Still, like we always wait in faith, we did that day too. Time passed by, and now only the devotees who had come to meet him were left.There were 40-50 of us. Around 10:15, 30-35 of us were left and all eyes were gazing at the dinner hall where he was, to catch a glimpse of him when he comes out. But, his Dinner plate was sent as prasad to all of us and we were asked to leave and come back in the morning. But we still waited on. I was singing bhajans to him very slowly and was in a feeling that If he meets, very good and even if he doesn't there would be some reason, so in a state of equanimity I was waiting. But, we had to come back at 11:30 without meeting him.

Now, something started moving inside me, and I realised I really wanted to meet my Divine before the Valentine and went off to sleep with these thoughts. When I got up it was already 8 am and I had to reach there at 9:30 ideally. I did my Sadhna and left for the TOK. When in metro, I rang up my teacher enquiring what HE was doing and when HE was going to leave?. He said "you just come, HE won't go without meeting you".

After reaching there I just stood near the lift, waiting for him. And tears of longing, started flowing through my eyes! In my heart I started doing some emotional blackmailing with him too because I knew that time, I just would not be able to take it easily, If he doesn't meet me. After some wait, HE came!! But, somehow I got pushed behind in the line of devotees. I still kept my hand in front , with a rose in it! But, he took the chits and letters of people around me and not my rose. The next time I knew he was in his car and I had 5-6 devotees in between him and me. And the expression on my face said it all, I was shocked what has happened to me.

Still I somehow got some sense to talk to him in silence. And I just asked him with all my innocence - ''GURUJI, WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE"?

My teacher got the expression on my face and asked me to approach him from the other side. Suddenly he opened his car gate and some devotees bowed down to him. Next I could hear- he was telling all of us to get in the hall.

Lo and Behold, at the same time I DON'T KNOW HOW HE CAME RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I just gave him the rose and kept looking at him for very few seconds and AGAIN I DON'T KNOW HOW I HUGGED HIM because I'm sure my mind was not in working condition as HE was in front of me! Those 5 seconds, were out of the World. And I got the treasures of the Whole World in those 5 seconds!! And after getting out of his way I started crying more bitterly, this time in Grace!!

Had heard and read till now, How HIS flights get delayed when his devotees have a longing to meet HIM and NOW, feeling lucky to have witnessed it myself. (He had got a message after sitting in the car).

I had this wish of 'hugging him sometime' since last 4-5 months and had patience also all along that Whenever my Wish will reach its height , It will get fulfilled also. But, I had not imagined It would happen so early.

Even before my wish could take the form of desire. HE LEFT ME GAPING HOW EVERYTIME HE FULFILLS OUR DESIRES, EVEN BEFORE THEY ARISE!!!

Happy Valentine's My Dearest Guruji

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