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The moment is still so fresh in my mind when I first experienced the long Sudarshan Kriya in May 2009. With every molecule of my body aching immensely in the midst of Kriya, I had almost given up when I heard His voice saying sweetly to me- "Don’t give up my child, I am there with you. You can do it”. I then finished the Kriya with a smile and tears dwelling through my eyes.

It was in that moment that I realized that He is going to be with me forever.
After the course, everything was going so well in my life until October 2011 when I was doing internship of MBBS and preparing for my United States Medical Licensing Examinations. It was then, when I first experienced a stabbing pain in my chest as if someone had put a dagger right through. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced in all my life.

Upon consulting senior doctors, I was diagnosed with a stomach disease and put on medications. Sadly even after continuing the treatment for eight months, there was absolutely no relief from the excruciating pain attacks which had by now increased in both frequency and intensity, and at times lasting for more than ten hours in a day, paralyzing all aspects of my life.

One day I got to share my pain with Rishi Nityapragyaji, my Advance course teacher and he intuitively told me “You don't have the correct diagnosis. Get more checkups done."
Visiting doctors and getting all types of tests done had become a daily affair by the month of May. The doctors ran various blood tests, x-rays, CT scan, MRI etc on me, (mis)diagnosed me with almost everything including suspecting terminal cancer. Amidst all this turmoil, I didn’t lose my cool knowing that Guruji is seeing everything. Finally, my actual cause of pain, i.e. Costochondritis, an inflammation of ribs in a reaction to sore throat 9 months ago was rightly diagnosed.

I was ultra happy to finally have a correct diagnosis but little did I expect that my days of pain were far from over. For next few months I took many oral medications, injections into the ribs, all types of physiotherapy but to vain. Pain became so severe that I got completely bed ridden and was nauseatic all the time. I had to anaesthetize the area before getting up from bed even for the physiotherapy sessions. Even the best pain management doctor in India was not ready to tell if the pain would ever go. I almost had to give up on studies, at times the dream of becoming a doctor in USA seemed a mirage. My only wish in that phase was to experience a few moments without pain.

I couldn’t even do Kriya for months because my ribs would hurt due to deep breathing. I kept on wondering why Guruji is ignoring me. Things started to change in September when I started doing Sewa. Kartik bhaiya gave me the permission to attend DSN. I had so many doubts about attending it as I knew that I couldn’t even sit for an hour, leave aside doing the physically challenging processes taught in DSN course. I got the courage to enter the hall only when Kartik bhaiya said “This course is happening for you only, come and experience it". Despite my doubts, the co-teacher Shailesh Bhaiya confidently assured that not only will I complete the course, but also I will be healed. As soon as I entered the hall, the positive energy there inflicted me.

For the next 2 days, miraculously, I could not only just sit (though in pain), but also participated in all the processes with full enthusiasm except during the morning Sadhana sessions. On the last very morning of the course, I magically just got up and did 2 Padma Sadhnas without any pain!!!!

There is no explanation in medical science how such a chronic pain could vanish all of a sudden. This miracle happened the day right after my birthday. I couldn’t have received a better Birthday gift. This whole ordeal makes me realize the depth behind the words Guruji often speaks "Tumhe girne ka ehsaas hoga par main tumhe girne nahin dunga (You might feel like going down but I wont let you fall)". We might face seemingly impossible problems in our life but we should always remember that He can never ever see us in pain.

Whenever we look back on the worst phases of our journey and see only one set of footprints, they are His who is carrying us through.

I am so immensely grateful for His presence in my life.

Love u Guruji,

Jai Guru dev.

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