Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Guru Story - Prithwish

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Jai Gurudev!
I am Prithwish Kundu from Kolkata. I had always thought of sharing the way life carried me, after I started moving along my Guru's path! But I kept on hesitating...and today I felt like "I have too!"
I used to be a very introvert, shy kind of boy, not being able to open up in front of people. I used to be only with one or two selected friends. I remained depressed and lonely. Although I had a quest for Spiritual Knowledge since childhood, I never got any person who could answer or any proper answer to my questions. And in the process an aversion for the term "Guru" or "Swami" or "Maharaj" grew in me. I had never come across Guruji's knowledge or path during this time. I got admitted to a dental college and I was studying there. All remained almost same.

About one and a half year back a new professor Dr. Devarshi Nandi (Art of Living teacher) joined our college. I came to know that he takes Yoga classes, some Yes+ or something. I kept on talking bad about about him in public not even trying to know what it was all about. I had taken a stern decision of not attending any Yes+. After he had taken three Yes+ among our college students a fourth was to begin on 12th January 2012. On the eve of the starting day I don't know what happened to me. I took a 180degree turn and thought why not I try it out. . .and then. . .everything changed!!!

Every moment of my life now, I experience the grace of Guruji. From most trivial issues to very important issues every moment I feel "I am being taken care of", whether it be getting a seat in a crowded bus or taking Mind Matters sessions among a group of 80people, grace has worked everywhere! From being a hardcore non-veg I at once became a pure vegetarian! From being "lonely, depressed, tensed" I have now become so joyful and involved in so many good works with a calm and serene mind! Its rightly said "Behind every successful man there is 99pecent grace and 1percent hard work!"
Guruji's grace has even worked miracles in me at physical level. I had to undergo septoplasty(a nasal surgery) on March 2011 for being unable to breathe through my nose due to blockage. But about 3-4 months after the surgery the trouble fully relapsed for which I had many sleepless nights. But after doing Kriya I am almost 70-80% cured within days.

The list is endless. Pages after pages can be written on Guruji's grace. So I would like to end with Guruji's poem
Words are too small to convey the Truth
Yet they can trigger the flames of wisdom,
Shower comfort on the intense longing,
Raise cheers of joy and make you
Know I treasure your love for me.
Like God his creation,
The root its trunk,
Unknown, unheard, unseen,
In the silent chamber of heart
I am in you as you,
You are in me as me
Ha! What a blessing!
-H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Love You Guruji,
Jai Gurudev!

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