Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Guru-Stories...!!! :)

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Jai Gurudev...!!!

This is the first time, I am writing my Guru Story... I am an “Art of Living” devotee since more than a year now and there are so many miracles happened in my life but I wanted to share few that happened recently.
Last Week, on 23rd Feb, 2013 Guruji was in Mumbai for Mahasatsang and Inauguration of "Volunteer for a Better India - Maharashtra". It was around 7 PM, we reached the venue. Satsang was going on and the atmosphere was with full of Divine songs. Around 7:30 PM, Guruji arrived at the venue and started walking on the ramp with full of HIS graceful dancing steps, greeting/blessing everyone, receiving people’s letters, gifts, sweets and all.
I had written a letter to Guruji and was very keen to handover it to HIM, personally. But the crowd was so huge that I didn't get a chance to reach him. After some time, Guruji went back to the stage and program started. I was bit upset. I had come all the way from Pune to Mumbai and had deep feeling to handover the letter to Guruji.

While the Program was in progress, Volunteers were collecting the letters from the crowd. But somehow I was not feeling to handover my letter to them. I had a deep sense of feeling in my heart that if I pray from my clean heart, Guruji will receive my letter personally. After Inauguration of VFBI-MH, Guruji gave a speech on VFBI movement and then we had a beautiful meditation. Around 9 PM people started leaving the place. Program was also about to an end. And I was getting nervous moment by moment. I asked one of my AOL teacher about my wish, he said go to the place nearby stage from where HE will live and try If you get through. I rush to that place but volunteers were not allowing me to enter. Finally, I closed my eyes and prayed to Guruji by chanting "Jai Gurudev". And what a surprise, Guruji, stood up from his "Aasan" and started walking the ramp once again. It created million hopes for me and decided not to leave this chance. Somehow, I found a way to reach the ramp through the huge crowd. Guruji, were coming collecting people’s gifts, letters. And HE reached the place where I was standing and took my letter in HIS divine Hands. Eye-contact happened and Wahh... What a wonderful moment…!!! I became literally speechless. Tears of gratitude came from my eyes. It was so beautiful moment for me. My Guru had listened to my wish and fulfilled it.
After the program, we started return journey back to Pune. While coming, my AOL teacher said he is coming back for the next day program with one of the DSN teams. And suddenly I felt of coming with him again the next day. My teacher said they have 2 seats vacant and he will confirm about the seats the next day morning. Next day morning he informed me that they have 2 seats and I can come. I was so happy and thought of taking some sweets to Guruji. I took sweets for Guruji and this time, I knew that Guruji will have my sweets personally. And I was right..Though Guruji didn't have my sweets, HE blessed my sweets box. I was so happy that I had one and distributed the remaining some sweets to my group. :)
Now here is the third miraculous experience. After the program, we started our return journey. It was 5 AM in the morning we reached the Pune city. I was the only one who was supposed to get down at one of the stations. But I was in deep sleep and no one remembered that I have to get down at that station. One of the persons who was seating besides me awakened me and asked where I am getting down. He said your stop has gone behind and we are 7-8 KMs ahead now. I got down at the next available stop. It was 5 AM in the morning and no public transport facility available by that time. Weather was very cold. I was trying to stop vehicles on the high-way but no one was responding to my request.

Finally, I prayed to Guruji by chanting "Jai Gurudev". And what a miracle, within few seconds, one car came from the nearby village and stopped in front me. The person was going exactly the same station I wanted to go. I sat in the car and thanked Guruji. My station came, it was High-way and my house was 1 KM away from the station.  I asked the driver, I will get down then he said I am going in the city and if your house is on the way you can get down there. I was speechless again. I got down right there at my house area. After all this incidences, my faith in Guruji has increased so much. Now, I know that, if we pray to Guruji with all our heart then he always listens and helps us in every possible way. Let’s help HIM in his dream of "One World Family" and he will keep helping us to make our life better.
Guruji, I touch your lotus feet with full of gratitude. Thank You and lots of Love, Guruji. 

Jai Gurudev…!!!

Pramodkumar Desai

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