Thursday, March 28, 2013

My first Guru Story

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Jai Guru Dev Everyone, 

I have been on path since August, 2010 and life has been a celebration since then. One after another there have been changes leading to ever blossoming heart which just want to be with Guru and Serve Him. The Guru Story, I am going to share with you has happened just few minutes back.
I have been at home for the last 3-4 days now for the viral fever I have got infected with. It is the 4th day in row when I am enclosed in house. With all the body ache and headache I have been able to make it to short kriya in the morning but Meditations were not that deep, or I just could not sit for a good time. I was having a very hard time in sleeping tonight. Terrible headache, body ache, coughing, everything was just winning over me making me feel so week and vulnerable.  I could also feel the noise in my head, so many random thoughts, fear and everything …something was just going on. Husband helped with head massage, and even sang “Vahe Guru” song for me but nothing was helping.

So after all the trials, I just decided to listen to Bhajans on my IPod. Even Bhajans were sounding like noise to me so you can imagine the poor condition of mind. I started flipping one Bhajan after another and there comes a Guided meditation from Guruji. And Guess what, it was the one on “Transforming Emotions”. All my worries, fears and thoughts just got dissolved by, body ache is just a memory now. And here I am typing my first Guru Story to share with you. 
Thank you Guruji, for being there, at every minute…every moment with all of us. It is just a blessing to be chosen by You in this life time. 

Jai Guru Dev!

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