Thursday, March 21, 2013

He takes care of every little need

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It was june 2011. I was doing seva for the upcoming Yes+ course along with my other friends. There were hardly any registrations in hand. On one day, we were doing seva for the last 4 hours and were very hungry. We had to go to an institute to schedule an intro talk for the next day. On the way there were so many shops to eat something. But we thought of doing seva first and eat later. When we reached that institute we met the coordinator over there. We were meeting her for the first time. She told us to wait in other room. And after a moment she sent a servant with two full plates of snacks along with ketchup. We were so surprised!!!!!! We ate that and I tell u it was very delicious. The intro talk for next day also got fixed. 
I was quite new into seva at that time. I had always heard from other people that when u give your 100% guruji takes care 100%. I experienced this on that day and was in full gratitude. It was 2011 and now its 2013 and he is taking care of every little need. The grace and blessings which guruji has showered on me is beyond explanation. My whole life has transformed. It feels like a Rebirth. He is managing everything for me whether its family, studies, relationship, sadhna, seva, satsang and so many things to count upon!!!!!! 
Thankyou guruji for choosing me as your devotee. This is the best thing which has happened in my life.                                                     
Sri sri university, Odisha

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