Sunday, March 3, 2013

Had a wonderful advance course

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On Jan 11th 2013, I did my advance course.
From a very long time I had a very bad state of mind, which including self guilt, Doubts, Regrets, Lack of presence of mind and so on. I was not too much willing to do the course, but inside I knew It is important for me to do it.

When I did the course, I put my 100% , but still thoughts kept on disturbing. I just did not give up. 

After Satsang in Guruji's presence, I have always seen Guruji answering Questions.
But one day during the course, I was kind of stuck in self analysis of bad qualities.(and not very aware of satsang)

And Just after the satsang was over...When Que-Ans session was not started, Guruji said:

"You are ocean of good qualities. Bad qualities can not touch you. Its just like ash on the cinder. You just need to blow air on it.And It is the truth. Just identify your bad qualities and become free from them.
Shri Krishna has talked about it in 16th Chapter of Bhagvat Gita."

Guruji attends to Questions after satsang. Hardly I have seen him speaking on random topics,just after satsang and that too which I needed the most...

It felt like a healing of inexplicable wounds, with a feeling of his unconditional love and mother like care.
After that,
I went to my room. One of my room mate said (With whom I talked for first time), See I got two books today and one of them was Bhagvat Gita. :)
I just took that book from him for some time and read 16th chapter and found relevant knowledge for myself.
I just felt too good after completion of my course.

I have no words for Him. My life has been full of His Care and Just when we are not aware of his love, we get stuck.
And ya..Never postpone advance course...

Jai Gurudev !
Thanks for being in my life Guruji..

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