Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guru's word don't stammer

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I have always been a spiritual shopper and The Art of Living Yes!+ course came as a surprising gift to my life.
Since childhood, I had problem of stammering. I was even not able to speak one sentence correctly. I used to be very disappointed with myself. Always depressed and frustrated about my own stammering existence.
After doing Advance course one year after my Yes!+, I noticed gradual decrease in my stammering. I was more relaxed facing people and hence stammered less. After that, DSN course with Mr. Rashmin Pulekar changed my life. In those 3 days, I gave Intro Talk to many with very minor stammering. I was able to communicate with people with more confidence and smile.

Just recently I appeared for Pre-TTC at Vasad Ashram in Gujarat. As a part of training, I had to organize and conduct 1 Nav Chetna Shibir. I approached one of the primary schools at Sattadhar in Ahmedabad and fixed dates for organizing Bal - Chetna Shibir instead of Nav - Chetna. On first day of Shibir, I was pretty nervous of my stammering. I was thinking, how on Earth would I address the crowd of 94 students without stammering. So, at the beginning of the Shibir, I chanted Ganesh Mantra for success of Shibir and then chanted Guru Mantra "Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu..." and magic happened, I started speaking. After 2 hours of Shibir, when I asked about the feedback, one of the volunteers told that they were surprised to notice that I did not stammer even once.
I realized the immense grace that Guruji is raining on me. I finally realized GURU'S WORD DON'T STAMMER.

Deep Nandha.

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