Sunday, February 10, 2013

We are taken care off!!

Subscribe to My Guru StoryThis is an incident of last year. Just month after getting my first job, I got to know that I have some disorder in my blood compositions. On regular diagnosis it was found that generally cancer patients have such disorders. I was only 24, my family panicked. The doctor asked me to get the bone marrow biopsy done and leave my job. I was shaken that how come all of a sudden I am having this. I was perfectly alright until few days ago. And now my world is upside down!! My Art of Living teachers blessed me and I surrendered to Guruji that i am ready to face whatever is there to come. 

I consulted another doctor and got the biopsy done. After examination, the doctor said I was in severe risk category but I don't have cancer. Moreover I had this disorder for quite sometime, and they were all shocked, how come I did not had any major problems till now. But I knew who was protecting me and thanked him silently :)

Now I am on my way to recovery, continuing my job and most of my regular activities. When I look back I feel all that worrying for sometime was so futile, as we all are taken care of and only the best, in any situation, will happen. Feeling blessed :)

Jai Gurudev
Anonymous (name withheld on request)

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