Thursday, February 21, 2013

Missing bag

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I was travelling from Kerala to Bangalore with my husband and son on 20th Jan 2013 in a train. On the way I was reading the book 'stumbling in to infinity' which is an art of living publication. I had finished reading about 75% of the book when we went to bed. I had to share the berth with my 4 and a half year old son who was having a disturbed sleep due to cold. I had an uneasy feeling that someone is going to steal my bag. After some time I took out my mobile from the bag and kept with me.

I kept on waking up through the night. The bag was there whenever I checked. But morning the bag was gone. It had the book, my wallet with all the credit cards and debit cards and cash of about Rs.3000. I was worried about the book and the cards and prayed to guruji to somehow return the book. When we checked with the TTR he said its a hopeless case and that they lose many things everyday. If we want we can file a complaint. We opted not to file the complaint and reached home. I had given my mobile to my husband for safe keeping.When he went to the local store, he got a call from a lady informing him that she had my bag. She handed it over to the police and my relative collected it from them.

Thank you Guruji


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