Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guruji Comes

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I did my basic part 1 course in february 2012 & since then I'm a devotee of guruji & by each passing day, my faith in him increases. I had a very strong desire to meet guruji. I used to cry several times in front of his photo and say him to meet me & also kept forcing my part 1 teacher to call him!! My teacher (Mr. Abhimanyu Agarwal) kept saying me that if i make a strong sankalpa and call him, he would surely come. But somewhere deep, I felt that I'm not able to connect to guruji so clearly as my teacher does. Then in january 2013, on a friday, I got the book Stumbling into infinity wtitten by Michael Fishmann (u.s president of aol) wherein he describes his journey with guruji. The events described here are very beautifull. By saturday night, I had completed reading only half of the book and my connection with guruji deepened. Then came sunday morning - long kriya follow up session! 
After the pranayams, when I heard om in guruji's voice, my heart smiled like never before.. and with the first breath of kriya, guruji appeared in front of me!! He came. He was there with me for the whole of kriya session and I had the most amazing moments of my life. When he left, I had tears in my eyes, but this time, they were of gratitude. I felt pure bliss. And from that day, I'm feeling a huge transformation in me, I'm better able to absorb gurujis knowledge. I can surely say that all this was not my imagination as I've imagined guruji many times with me but that day, it was something different & and even till today I'm not able to feel the way i did that day! 

I'm sure many people can relate to this and have got such an experience, and those who haven't, don't worry, just make a strong sankalpa.. and life will blossom for sure..:)


Srushti Gupta

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