Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feel the Grace

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Here is my first Guru story :

This happened in November, when Guruji was going to come to Delhi for the First Volunteer Convention. I was not feeling well, so my parents didn't give me permission to go alone and attend the event. Left with no option, i lied to them that there is a friend of mine who was also going to attend the event and that she will pick me in the afternoon and drop me back at home at night after the event. After listening to this (story) they allowed me to attend the event. 

The venue was very far from my place and i had no clue as to how will I reach there. I asked my friends, but they were not going for the event. I was upset but at the same time I was sure that if Guruji wants me to come, then HE will also make a way out for me

On the day of event, till morning i had nobody with whom i could reach the place. By the afternoon, I didn't know how everything fell into place and i got company of few Art of Living Volunteers (who were unknown to me) and I reached the venue. There i saw HIM in person for the first time, those moments were really MAGICAL. 

The event got over late at night around 9:30 pm. Now the problem was, nobody among the group of people (with whom i attended the event) lived near my home. Although we all boarded the same Metro train to come back but after getting down from the train I still had to travel for 15 minutes to reach my place. At that time, though I was happy that I could finally have HIS darshan at the event but was scared too because it was around 10:30pm and i had no idea how will I reach home from the metro station. There again HE came for my rescue and after getting down from the train, two girls (who were unknown to me, were coming back from the same event) came to me and asked where I am going and if I needed a lift. I stood shocked and elated!!  They dropped me at my doorsteps and left me in complete gratitude for HIM who listens even before one asks for. It's just upon us, how much we rely on the GRACE because IT is always there for us unconditionally.

- Mani

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