Thursday, February 14, 2013

D3, B12

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During the Teachers meet, in Pune (Nov '12), Guruji asked 'All those who feel tired should check their vitamin D3 and B12'. Till that moment I didn't even know that there is a vitamin called D3 in my body :) Somehow I thought this message was for me. I did the necessary test and once I got my blood test report, I was surprised to know that the D3 levels were very low (8.60 ng/ml), (normal range is 30-60) and B12 was just on border: 230 (normal range is 223-1132). I quickly took the necessary medications and am fine now.

It is simply amazing that HE knows even the vitamin levels of our body! Infact HE knows all of our minds and hearts :)

Every time I experience such miracles (and they do occur quite often as we all know :)) I just bow down, feel blessed and grateful for the blessings of ONE and Only in this Universe!

I take this opportunity to encourage all of you reading this to share your experiences, so that maybe someone somewhere might get inspired and uplifted by your sharing!


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