Sunday, January 13, 2013

What would I do without YOU?

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As a kid I was brought up by my grandmother (my mother's mother) with the utmost of love and patience and have always been very attached to her. She was my beacon of hope and love all through my childhood and growing years. She was the Grand Matriarch of our family and all of her kids and grand kids loved her and appreciated her undying love for the family and her willingness to sacrifice everything to keep us all happy. But as is with life, I moved on, got married, had kids and while I would speak to her on a weekly basis, I couldn't go down to India often to spend time with her. In the recent couple of months I had this urge to go and spend 2 days exclusively with her as she was 86 yrs old and aging. On a sudden impulse, I booked my flight to Mumbai and went and spent 2 beautiful days with her sharing all that had happened in my life the last few years, showed her photos of my house, my friends, made my kids chat with her on Skype and returned feeling happy and content. 

Yesterday after exactly 9 days of my return to Dubai, my grandmother had a fall, a brain hemorrhage and stroke and lay in coma in the hospital. When I called my family, my cousin described her state, saying that she looked like a shriveled vegetable due to the stroke and that I just wouldn't be able to bear seeing her in the current state. As I couldn't rush to India immediately, I did the only thing that I could do - surrendered her to the feet of Guruji. I implored him to take care of her and remembered his words that we can communicate from soul to soul. I told her mentally how much we all loved her and were grateful to her for all that she had done for us all throughout her life. All of Guruji's words came to my mind and I started chanting Om Namah Shivaya for her. I also remembered Guruji saying that vibrations from our meditations affect positively 7 generations of ancestors and descendants and so I sat to do my Sahaj meditation, all the while surrendering her to Guruji's feet.

This morning when I called to ask about her, I was stunned when both my cousin and my aunt independently described my grandmother as now looking like an "angel". They said she looks like she is in a trance after meditation and that though she is still in coma she is obviously in a very happy state!!!!!!!!!

I was so choked with emotion and gratitude to my Guru who I knew was taking care of my grandmother and at the same time opening up many knots in my heart and mind reinforcing my belief that if there is one true Blessing in my life, it is having HIM by my side always!!

Gurudev, what would I do without YOU???

With tons of gratitude

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