Thursday, January 3, 2013

Your Guru Will Find You!!

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This was year 2006 when my friend told me about Guruji and I was way too skeptical about the concept of Guru! He kept telling me about HIM and I kept resisting to be on an Art of Living Basic Course only to realize later I wish had done it earlier!!!

It was mid September when my this Art of Living friend tricked me and took me to a place which was decorated liking a wedding venue, which wasn't my office or any official meeting venue at all (he told me he is picking me to go to office!!) I kept thinking what is it !! I am there where I din't want to be ever, yes it was Satya Niketan in Delhi where Guruji was, and the energy of that house was so vibrating that I could not leave. Though I kept saying to my friend that I want to leave right now! He said that it's your wish, but I could not leave that space. I WAITED! The mind kept running in all directions, judging, contemplating, doubting and in no time I found someone in front of me with tissues in hand and I realized I had tears in my eyes, tears of what? I didn't know. And then I went up to fetch water for myself only to get the first glimpse of the Master, saw HIM sitting, oh my God, He looked absolutely LOVELY. Pearly white robe, black beard, long hair seemed like Jesus to me! I was mesmerized! and then like for ever people came and asked me to go and sit down, He will come and see everyone! OK!

After having a glimpse of the beloved tears and smile didn't leave my face. I have never had these two on my face at the same time! It was lovely, I know NOW! Well after all this melodrama happening with me, time did come to meet Him, HE was coming out now! 

I was shy, I hadn't done the course, not met Him earlier, didn't really know Him in person or as a Guru too, so kept myself  in second row, thinking others to be more deserving! But HE made me feel special, He peeped in the second row while walking just about to cross me to look at me right in my eyes, winked and gave His hand to come to HIM!! In those 10-20 seconds of when all this happened so many thoughts crossed my mind, heart. That was a shortest journey to heart I ever had, from eyes to heart via mind, choked throat and breaking tears and HE moved on........ people followed Him to car and I was still there on knees in awwwhhh because I felt He took my eyes with Him, like Krishna did to His devotees. 

What then, I did my basic course!!

Lots of Love and JaiGuruDev!

Jyotsana Sharma, London

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