Thursday, January 24, 2013

He Takes Care of You Every time!

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With Guruji in my life... I actually have a lot of Guru stories to share with you all. This one is the most recent.

I had an interview in Delhi. And I had been waiting for it since a week. Finally the day was here! I had to leave the next morning, and I was all excited for it. 

I thought of wearing my new pair of shoes to brush up my persona. So I climbed up my cupboard to grab the box. I almost got it. Without warning I lost my balance and slipped. I was hurt bad! 

My ankle could not move and had hurt my right hand too. Somehow I managed to get to my bed. "Its my interview tomorrow!"

I screamed in pain looking at Guruji's picture. I prayed to him, while tears rolled down my cheek. Asked him to take care and be with me. I fell asleep. I was dumbfounded when i woke up in the morning! The pain was all gone! And for sure it was a bad sprain because i fell from some height twisting my ankle.

That's how your magic works everywhere Guruji. May all be blessed!
Touching your lotus feet Guruji with my heart filled with gratitude!

Jai Guru Dev !

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