Thursday, January 10, 2013

He is watching you!

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I did my first Part I course in January of 2001.  In November 2002, Thanksgiving weekend, I did my first Advance Course.

After this course, I had a strong longing to visit and meet Guruji.  The next opportunity was the Christmas/New Year's course at the German Ashram in the end of December 2002.

As I was not working at that time, I checked His tour schedule on the website and I booked a ticket for my second Advance Course in the Black Forest of Germany, where Lord Shiva was said to have meditated.  At the last minute, I had cold feet and didn't want to go, but I could feel a hand on the middle of my back pushing me forward, as if to say get up and go.

So, I went.  The final leg of the journey was jumping in the cab from the train station in Germany and heading to the Ashram.  As we approached the Ashram, I began searching for my money to pay the cab driver.  Nothing.  I searched again and again. Nothing.  I was out of money.  What to do?

I didn't want to go into the Ashram and ask for money to pay the cab driver that would not be a good first impression!  So I prayed.  I said "Guruji, I don't have money to pay this cab driver.  Help me."

All of a sudden, I had the urge to check my money pouch once again.  I had checked it already many times.  As the cab was coming to a stop, I checked it and it was the exact amount for the cab; not a penny over or under!

Then, I realized that Guruji may not even be there at the Ashram because I had only checked the website and signed up for the course. What if I traveled all this way and He is not even here?  An overwhelming panic consumed me.

I rushed into the Ashram and asked two different people if Guruji was there and they said yes, but for some reason my mind wasn't convinced. I went to the office area and asked a third person, "Is Guruji here"?  And he said, yes, "He's right behind you!"  And I turned and that's how I first met my Guru.

Guruji, I've always belonged to you.

Jai gurudev!

Laura Mitchell
Houston, Texas, USA

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