Thursday, January 31, 2013

Desires are always met

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I have been reading Guru stories but always hesitated to share mine. Recently, Guruji mentioned again about sharing our stories and giving a chance to miracles and this triggered a feeling in me that I am sharing this story with you all.

This happened almost 10 years back. We were having a TRM for teachers of East zone at a picturesque place called Ghoom in Darjeeling.We had 4 days of sadhana, knowledge, satsang and fun in HIS presence and the time had come for all of us to disperse. 

Due to some work, I had to travel to Mumbai directly from Siliguri, the nearest airport.I packed my bags and kept a taxi ready to take me to the airport. My bags were already on the taxi and I had another teacher travelling to the airport with me. I came to know that Guruji will be leaving soon for Siliguri to attend to a function at the Siliguri Ashram.So, I decided that I will leave for airport only after HE leaves and was waiting on the road that goes out of the resort to have a glimpse of HIM. While I was waiting for HIM I thought if I could travel with HIM to Siliguri. 

I saw that HIS car was ready and some people were already seated in the car. The front seat was reserved for HIM with his yellow asan and there was only one more seat vacant. The place where I was standing had more that 100 people waiting for a chance to travel with him. I was at the back row. Now HE comes and as always with a big entourage. Then HE enters the car and everybody is shouting to go with him and occupy that only one vacant seat. HE comes out and looks at all of us and calls me of all people to join HIM. I really don't know how I flew from the back row and was inside the car within moments.Little did I remember about my luggage and how I will get it. Next 3 hours were blissful moments where we discussed so many things and I read the newspaper to HIM. When I reached the Siliguri Ashram, I found that the taxi we hired followed us and after the programme was over I bowed down to Guruji and left for the airport.

So, even a small desire is also taken care of by HIM.

Jai Gurudev.
Arup Banerjee

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