Thursday, December 27, 2012


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Jai Guru Dev!!

Since the day I am with my guru, my life has been filled with guru’s grace… There are so many guru stories to share… but this one is the most recent one…. And its only through his grace that I am still alive and active enough to write and share my story….

In April 2012, I was diagnosed with some kidney problem and was suggested to undergo kidney biopsy in IKRDC, Ahmedabad. Seeing my reports, the doctor told me and my family that I will need a kidney transplant. Hearing the news, my father broke down. I too felt quite shaken and scared for sometime. In that moment, I started questioning that why and how can this happen to me when I have 4 doctors in my own family….

But that complaining mode disappeared with the mere thought of my master. All of a sudden I felt peaceful and had this strong feeling that whatever will happen is going to be the best for me…. And that HE is there to protect me…

Within few hours of discussion between the nephrologists, the hospital head and my brother and father (both doctors), all agreed to get a second biopsy done. After second biopsy, they suggested (based on clinical suspicion) that I undergo 8 sessions of chemotherapy and take steroids to see if my kidney condition can be reversed… Chemotherapy can be a very painful process (both physically, mentally and emotionally)… But all time during chemotherapy, I could feel his presence… I DID NOT EVEN SUFFER ALL THE SIDE EFFECTS OF IT (Like hair loss, darkening of skin etc….) And my chemotherapy was cut to 4 sessions.

I took my last chemotherapy on 15 August 12 in Bangalore . On 12 Aug 12, I had handed a letter to him telling him about my last chemo session. On 14 Aug, I thought of taking his blessings when he comes for satsang (amphitheatre). But the crowd of huge and very tall people were blocking my way. But Guruji is Guruji… He peeked through those tall people to the place where I was standing, looked into my eyes, smiled at me, and with his right hand gestured that everything will be all right…. AND YES, Everything was ALL RIGHT….I did not even feel any pain during chemotherapy…

I am still taking steroid for my condition. Steroids can make you feel very tired and lethargic… but only through his grace, I am able to start my work again…


Love u !!!

Anonymous (name withheld on request)

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