Sunday, December 30, 2012

Your work will be done... effortlessly!

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I was due to teach a course in November 2012 and wanted to take with me a particular picture of Guruji. I searched for it everywhere and checked all the picture sources I could think of, till late night. I kept searching but couldn't find it anywhere. At the end I surrendered, and told myself its just a picture and it doesn't matter which picture of Guruji we keep and went to sleep.

The next day the course was starting and I was teaching along with one more teacher. That morning the other teacher asked me about the picture of Guruji. I just told her to bring one and I shared with her what happened the last night. I reached the venue and she had a picture of Guruji and ofcourse it wasn't the one I was looking for. She said its the best picture she could bring. I was happy. It was kept inside a transparent pouch. I asked her to remove the pouch and I went to speak to one of the participants. When she opened the pouch, she realised that there was on more picture of Guruji behind, which she never noticed for years as the pouch was gifted to her and she had kept it like that. When I saw it I was totally flabbergasted! My joy knew no boundary! I told her happily that this is the picture I was searching for so eagerly and now here it is!!! She gifted me that picture of Guruji after the course. 

Guruji fulfils our wishes in most amazing ways! Have trust and keep doing his work and your work will be done effortlessly. We don't believe in miracles, we count on them. 

Suresh Krisshna

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