Sunday, December 9, 2012

Power of Surrender

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Jai Guru Dev,

This was one of the miracle I thought sharing with all of you. It’s been  2 weeks I came to US and staying in my sister in- law’s place. I am dependent on in-laws to move anywhere outside, because My TX license was expired and me and my daughter were planning to move to an apartment the next day.

Toady I my sister in- law’s husband dropped me at Carrollton, DPS and since he had work, he left immediately. Once I went inside, they told me the site for the non immigrant enrollment was down. I was stuck there and even calling a dot cab without completing the work will be waste of dollars.

An Indian girl came in just then and I told her about this and she replied this is the status from morning. I was desperately in need of license because my husband will be with me only in the week end. 

I just prayed to Guruji " My dear Guruji I surrender at your feet, Plz solve this, Jai Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev"

Since my daughter was hungry we went out, got some pastries and we came and sat waiting for the site to be up. All of a sudden the representative called me and said come and get the "token", the site is up.

I was filled with gratitude and completed the process and took cab and reached home.

Any problem surrender to Guruji, He is always there to help you...

Jai Guru Dev


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