Thursday, December 20, 2012

Passport to Serve

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It has been wonderful being an Art of Living Teacher. My husband is in Indian Defence services and he cannot hold a passport to leave India, except when the Indian Government sends him on official work. As such we both never had our passports.

It has been my long desire to go abroad and explore places where art of living has not been ventured and do the seva. But due to my husband’s job restrictions I was not keen so... Last year one of my close friend forced me to accompany their family to get passport done for their children and I was helping them, my friend forced me to apply for passport and I was reluctant for more than 6 months,. Finally I had to accompany them for formalities for their family and I too forwarded my application along with them because for their force. The passport office took their sweet time and finally I received my passport somewhere in first quarter of this year.

My health was bad and I had undergone a very major surgery last November 2011 and I was recovering, just after completion of 6 months of my surgery and almost getting back to normal into my activities in seva. I received a Call from Ashram asking me if i am ready to travel on a project for 3 months. I just agreed because I like always like to take up new tasks. I never asked where I was supposed to go travel. I received a mail saying Gurudev has blessed me to travel abroad and take courses but I never checked this mail for 22 days as I was damn busy in courses back to back. So when I saw the mail. My joy knew no bounds, my master had heard my love to serve in a foreign land where art of living has not been doing any work... My tickets were ready and I left within a month to Africa and since the day I landed things started rolling and courses started happening continuously... 

I have no words to express; I could not even imagine flying outside India. Through my close friends force passport was made and I left India for Seva. Guruji saw to it I had my passport and my health in good condition before i left India

My heartfelt regards to the feet of my Master,, My sincere gratitude to my master to have taken care of  a small wish and made it happen... without even my knowledge..
A dream come true.
jai gurudev

Nagaraja Chandrika

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