Sunday, December 16, 2012

Magic of Sudarshan Kriya

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My grandmother was suffering from pain in her right breast. In April 2009, her mammography test was done which detected that she had a stone in the breast. Doctor suggested going for surgery and then biopsy. My grandfather who was also a doctor suggested to have the surgery after summers as surgery during the hot summers could lead to complications. Everybody in the family was worried about her.

In the meantime, I visited Bhopal where my grandparents lived. At the same time, Art of living basic course was being organized in Bhopal. I wanted to attend this course from a very long time. I asked my grandmother to come to the course along with me and she being a yoga lover readily agreed to attend it. We experienced the blissful Sudarshan Kriya for the first time. It was an out of the world experience for us. My grandmother continued to do the kriya after the course. After a few months, when the time of surgery came, my grandmother again went through mammography and other tests and to our surprise, there was no stone ….The lady doctor who was observing her since the beginning was shocked to know this and asked my grandmother that what have you done? My grandmother, who experienced the bliss of Guruji for the first time in life, just narrated the experiences of basic course to her. My grandfather who never believed in all these activities also thanked me for taking grandmother to the course..Since then, I can feel my beloved master’s presence in my life who has given a direction to my life. 

Shaishav Sharma

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