Thursday, December 6, 2012

He opens the Gates too

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I’ve experienced many times that we are taken care of in such a fantastic way. Recently I joined a new job as interim staff. When I started the job, I prayed and said: “ Guruji I’m doing this job for you.“

This incident happened on 15th November 2012. Unplanned I ended up working late. I noticed that around 7 pm practically the whole department was empty. There were only three of us left.  I carried on working, as the day after we had to deliver training so I had to prepare and keep the database ready by then. Till last minute various issues kept appearing and I had to resolve them. I noticed that before 7.30 pm the entire department was vacant and only I was left in our part of the building. Well, I didn't have any choice but to complete my work.

Luckily it didn't take much longer. At 7.45 pm, I switched off my computer, satisfied and happy having the database ready for the training. I reached the exit door, which is normally open and there are a couple of security officers around.  This door was locked and no security officers were visible. So I tried to open the door using my swipe card. Nothing happened.  I realized that something was wrong. I had just recently joined the job as interim staff and wasn’t aware of the routines and procedures.

While I was thinking what to do, I heard the sound of somebody walking down the stairs. A lady, who was working in another department, was also going home. So I could leave the building with her. I asked her why my swipe card didn't work. She told me that to be able to leave the building after 7.30 pm, one needs a swipe card with 24 hour access and very few members of staff have this type of swipe card. So I was very blessed that a member of staff with this type of swipe card was leaving the building at the same time.

The day after I told my line manager about the incident. He apologized for forgetting to inform me about the limited access of my swipe card. Further, he said that I was very fortunate indeed, because if the lady wasn’t leaving the building at that time, I had to call up the security and they create a big scene. Besides giving a harsh lecture, they inform not only one’s line manager but also the head of the department!

Thanks Guruji for always watching over and looking after us.

Jai Gurudev!

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