Sunday, December 2, 2012

He is Super Smart

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Guru's grace is unimaginable. He takes care of you for sure.

This one happened last year. I had a huge fight with my friend. Although, I knew that my friend was wrong, I did not respond to him in anger and went through the whole thing patiently. I followed Guruji's way of loving someone. After the fight, my friend refused to talk to me and cut all ties with me. But, I missed him a lot. I knew he would realize someday and come back. All this while, in my heart I prayed to Guruji to help me go through it. I was missing my friend a lot but could not contact him as he had asked me not to in very harsh words. It was a tough time. During this time, I also used to get angry with Guruji at times for making me face such a situation.

Then a miracle happened. Guruji was supposed to come to Pune and Mumbai for a satsang and x mas celebration. I was although very confused about my feelings for Guruji, but thought of buying a pass for these events. I did know why I wanted to do so but I followed it. I got a pass for the satsang in Pune. But I thought I will not go to Mumbai for sure as that was too much of an effort. But somehow, things happened in some way, one thing led to another and there I was in the Mumbai bus going to attend His satsang.

In the bus, I was still confused, why am I going there when my faith is dwindling? So, I thought that it is happening only because Guruji is calling me. And  then I surrendered. I thought to myself that whatever is being said in the Satsang would be a solution to my problem/confusion and state of life. The satsang went well and I came back home all happy.

The next day, I went to office and opened my mailbox. To my surprise, i got a mail from my friend who fought with me two months ago!!!!!!!! The mail subject was 'Sorry' and he apologized for his behavior and appreciated that I took it so patiently. I was surprised and replied to him right away to patch up. All my worries and sadness went away in a second. I realized that it is because of Guruji only. He called me to the Satsang just to tell me what I should do to what is coming up. And you know the Satsang he talked about forgiveness and how to deal with past relationships. Just the knowledge I needed. This is one miracle I can never forget. It restored my faith in Him.

Jai Guru Dev
Namrata Nayyar

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