Thursday, December 13, 2012

He always Listens

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This is one of the closest to my heart. So many times Guruji has fulfilled my wishes. It was almost five months that my baby was born and I wanted to take him to the ashram to meet Guruji and take his blessings for my baby.

We reached Bangalore by our own car and did not know anything about the city, finding our own way to the ashram, we were (me, my husband and my baby) totally on our own. We got the idea to use the GPS that was there on one of our mobile phones and I started to fiddle with it in hope that we could reach the ashram in time before Guruji leaves from the satsang. It was already 6:20 PM and we were just at the opposite side of Bangalore. I have no idea from where I got the skills to understand the GPS quickly as it was my first time on it and then I figured out the most traffic less routes and guided my husband chanting "left, right, straight, left.... And so on... " . Time was running and we were trying to just reach in time. I prayed to Guruji that may we reach there by 7:00 PM. It was already 6:45 and we were still not on the kanakpura road. I started feeling sad and helpless. I prayed again. After sometime we reach the beginning of the kanakpura road and were looking for directions.

We reached the gate sharp at 7:00 PM. It was raining then so we were allowed to take the car till the VM. My husband dropped us and went to park. I hurried my way upto the steps and it was just 5 minutes that I entered, the satsang was over. May be I was not aware of the correct timings but I was just in time. GURUJI stood up and waved, I quickly walked faster to catch him near the door but as soon as I reached there he was gone. Then I ran again to catch him but he was all surrounded by so many devotees and there were tall volunteers who were making way for him to walk. It was really difficult to walk past them. I gave a third attempt and ran again and this time I was close but failed. I realized that this way I cannot make it. Suddenly one person came and told me to take the steps down and goto the ramp, where Guruji will finally reach. I started again and it was slippery and raining, he came from my back and said walk faster but be careful. I quickly walked and reach the ramp before Guruji was there. There I met Bhanu didi in the car and requested her to bless my baby. Now I was pretty close, I called "Guruji"  many times but no luck he did not hear and then those tall guys again ace in my way. It felt that he was listening but playing around. I started shouting feebly and then strongly as if I was going to lose something. I was feeling awkward to shout and after many attempts i gained a louder pitch. Within no time Guruji sat in his car and the door got closed. It was over. So many people were turning and looking at me while I was feebly shouting in my soft voice. I was disheartened, my heart broke, and there were tears in my eyes, with my baby in my arms, standing near the car window, I was broken and was shocked and speechless.

But to my utter surprise Guruji whirled the glass down. I took a step forward and softly said "Guruji" and waited sadly if he heard me, Guruji came towards the window looked at me and my baby in surprise and gave a rose indicating that this is for the baby. I was so happy and fulfilled. It was very unique. I smiled in gratitude. I love the rose. It is so special! Always remember he is besides you quietly listening to your wishes and prayers.

May the joy dawn in your lives!
Jai Guru Dev!

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